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Budapest meeting organizational development

International meeting on organizational development was held in the office of IFRC Europe zone in Budapest on 22-23 September 2009. The main goal of the meeting was discussion around challenges within RC/RC in Europe zone, share of opinions in this sphere among developed and developing National societies and assimilation of positive directed recommendations presented by the head of Organizational Development department invited from Federation Secretariat.
Representatives from National Red Cross /Red Crescent Societies of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Finland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Great Britain, Hungary and experts from European Zone of International Federation on organizational development participated at the meeting.
Bayram Valiyev, deputy chairman of Youth Committee and coordinator of struggle against Weapons program was representing AzRC in this international meeting.
Welcoming all participants Mr. Leon Prop -Deputy Head of International Federation European zone office stated at the first day of the meeting that millions of people need much more in International Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement considering the biggest humanitarian network of the world at the result of global, economic, political, natural disasters. All components (International Committee of the Red Cross-ICRC, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - IFRC, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) of this Movement and specially National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies must have strong structure to meet all these needs in time and in high level and if it put everything on its way, it can obtain a chance for helping vulnerable people more quickly.
National Red Cross and Red Crescent Soceties of the above mentioned countries including in Europen Zone presented various presentations about organizational development within their organisations, held discussions around relevant subjects at 2 days workshop. Experts from National Soceties of devoloped countries such as Norway, Finland and Great Britain on organizational development gave their useful recommendations on this sphere. It became clear at the result of discussions that, Macedonian Red Cross differs from other National Red Cross and Red Crescent Soceties with its work model and mechanism from positive point of view. National Soceties of Georgia, Slovakia and Kyrgyzstan need in serious reformations on this sphere. Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society thinks that way out of this situation is in adopting relevant law by the state for improving the development of organization. Represantative of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society presented Azerbaijan model to participants as example on this sphere and stated that after special law adopted by Azerbaijan Republic for Azrbaijan Red Crescent society in 2007, postive changes have being felt effectively in the development of the organization. He stated that taking into consideration this model, Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society held an official meeting with represantatives of Parliament, State and International organizations had stated their intentions. Represantative of Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society remarked that they had taken Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society law as an example of the optimal project version which will be prepared for this govermental law which can have a great role in the development of their organisations. Dr. Novruz Aslanov, Deputy of Parliament, President of Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society supports Uzbekistan Red Crescent Society in this sphere and they appreciates highly their private participation at this official meeting held in Uzbekistan and their stating the importance of this law for national Society. He recommended active support of National Soceties to each other to all other National Societies.
Holding of discussions about the role of the law confirmed by the goverment in the organizational devolopment of National Societies Ms. Geri Lau -head of IFRC Secretariat OD Department, Represantatives of International Federation European Zone and generally all participants compared the benefits and gaps of many state laws for National Societies. The main object of discussion was about keeping of Independence and Neutality principles of National Soceties after state law.
Bayram Valiyev, representaive of AzRCS recommended to work out the law submitted to the Parliament very attentively and detailed. The factors such as maintaining Fundamental principles of international RedCross / Red Crescent Movement have to be taken into the consideration in drafetd law. He indicated that, after adopting the law about AzRCS by the parliament in 2007, it is the second year that the development on organizational development of National Society and generally in all spheres have being felt. The Goverment understands Independence and Neutirality principles of national society and respects them and does his best for the devolopment of National Society in all spheres.
Experts of International Federation approached positively to preparation of such draft law and they indicated that really relevant law is needed for development of Natioanl Red Cross / Red Crescent Soceties as an organizition in conformity with local reality in different countries.
Moreover, well organized humanitarian fundraising sphere was remarked as another sphere of organizational development of National Societies. Thus, national Societies have to be involved in some fundraising activities for helping to the people in need and have to increase working ability with different donors and within the Movement. The importance of activities of relevant department and experts in National Societies was indicated. Calling donors within the Movement not as donors but as partners was recommended.
Generally meeting held during 2 days was very interesting and efficiently.
Bayram valiyev
Deputy Chairman of Youth Committee of
Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society
Advisor on Struggle Againist Weopens program

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