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The staff and volunteers of Terter local branch of the Az.RCS participated in “Blood donation” action.

The staff and volunteers of Terter local branch of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society actively participated in “Blood donation” action organized on the 17th of October 2014 in Terter region.


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The next meeting of a working group on a blood donorship was held.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has a great necessity for a development of a volunteer non-remunerated blood donorship. Taking this factor into account a working group on the development of blood donorship was established in the country. A working group included the following governmental and non-governmental organizations: the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, the Central Blood Bank, the Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology named after B.A.Eyvzov, Public Health and Reforms Center, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society, Blood Donors Association, Azerbaijan Hemophilia Patients Association, Azerbaijan Thalassemia ill people Association, Youth Education Center, Azerbaijan Youth Students Agencies League.         

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A meeting in Tbilisi city of Georgia

A meeting of the leaders of the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies took place on 1-3 October 2014 in Tbilisi city of Georgia. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss an implementation of decisions and commitments (“Belorussia commitments”) taken by the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  during  a Minsk meeting, to discuss relevant changes and amendments to the International Federation Constitution and to give proposals on it. 

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A seminar for trainers

On the 14th of October 2014, with organizational support of the Youth Committee of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society there was organized a meeting with youth trainers of 11 district branches of the Az.RCS covered by Baku Regional Center of the National Society.


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The 10th of October – “The World Mental Health Day” was celebrated.

The 10th of October is celebrated as a World Mental Health Day worldwide with the purpose of increasing awareness of people on mental health issues, increasing a scope of providing necessary services to people suffering from mental disorders, strengthening activities towards elimination of stigma against these people in a society

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Sumgayit local branch of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society met with a staff of a polyclinic No.3 in Sumgayit city.

Sumgayit city brach of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society regularly meets with organizations with whom it cooperates. During these meetings the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society informs its partner organizations about a history, fundamental principles and activities of the National Society.      


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Novruzali Aslanov

Donorship traditions must be developed without fail

There are some factors indicating an importance of the year 2011 for the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society. The key factor is that the National Society has turned into a donor Society in the year 2011. As a president of the National Society I believe that this result shows visually that the National Society is on the way of development. By turning into a donor Society during the year 2011 the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society has made a change in its history. During this year we not only assisted the vulnerable and needy people in Azerbaijan but also through our support campaigns such as “Support to Somalia”, “Support to Japan” campaigns and “You are not alone” support campaign for victims of the earthquake in Turkey, we provided material and psychological support to those affected by a natural disaster, hunger and poverty in these countries. Of course, since its establishment the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society with its 90 years of glorious history has always provided free of charge medical-social services to the people and assisted with solving of their problems as well as provided aid to those affected by different disasters. During many years these activities have been improved and this work gave its contribution to the development of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. more